Dear Paul, I found all your advice and assistance through this process to be invaluable. Thank you for all your efforts, Angela and I were amazed at how easy, efficient and professional the entire process was – a far cry from our last experience with that “big company” we used last time. It is a testament to you and Traditional Mortgage, that despite my speaking with four direct lenders, Traditional Mortgage, as a mortgage broker, was able to offer us the best package, most favorable terms and the quickest turnaround time! Thank you for all your efforts on our behalf. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely, Paul-Canaan, NH

Paul-Canaan, NH
Hi Brian, I would like to let you know this is the easiest refinancing I have ever done. The whole process was a breeze. The law office in Salem was wonderful too. I called last minute to see if I could come in almost 3 hours early and they were incredibly accommodating. It was a pleasure doing business with all of you. Thanks so much! Patty- Concord, NH

Patty- Concord, NH
Dear Sirs, Please allow me a few minutes of your valuable time. Yesterday I closed on a mortgage loan I received, with the help of Rose Buckley, Senior Loan Consultant, with Traditional Mortgage. I cannot begin to tell you how hard she worked to make this happen for me and secure my future. Rose first contacted me in September 2006, I was about to begin a very long, painful, tedious “buying out” adventure with my now former partner with whom I owned my home. There were lawyers, letters from lawyer to lawyer, unanticipated obstacles, long periods of waiting, threats of being forced to market my home, anguish, sleepless nights, and fear….but Rose never gave up. She continued to gently contact me periodically, give me space, offer suggestions, and assure me she could make this work for me when the time came, and as promised, she did. He became my one rock during this trying time of my life. Never pushy, never rude, arrogant or impatient and beleive me, she had reason to exhibit all. She was kind, honest, considerate, knowledgeable and patient….make that extremely patient! Her professional level of expertise and courtesy was above all my expectations. Many lenders contacted me, and I told all of them, with the exception of Rose, I was not interested in doing business with anyone else but Rose. I sincerely hope you realize what she brings to your organization, which includes a level of comfort not easily found by customers when a financial future is at stake. I will certainly give her business card to any contact I may have that needs help with obtaining a mortgage. She is an asset to your organization and deserves recognition and appreciation from the top. My thanks go to you for having Rose Buckley a member of your team. Sincerely, Julie-North Falmouth, MA

Julie-North Falmouth, MA
Hi Paul, I just wanted to thank you again for helping me secure this refinance. From the very beginning you made me feel you were different from all the others, and indeed you are! Along the way, you anticipated my questions and concerns and you kept me informed about the process. You made me feel my situation was unique and that there was a unique answer to my dilemma- which was gaining a more manageable mortgage payment through refinancing. and furthermore, you gave me pointers on how to guard against certain pitfalls in the future. I have been through so many loan companies, and none of them even came close to your expertise and your professionalism with which you handled my situation.  Paul, you are one in a million! Many, many thanks to you and to Traditional Mortgage for making this opportunity possible for me and my family. My prayer is that the lord will keep your institution around for a long time and send a multitude of customers your way. I will not forget your kindness. God blessings to you all. Linnett- Mattapan, MA

Linnett- Mattapan, MA
Hi Paul, We just got off the phone with Donovan Law Office to set up the closing on our home, we are very excited! Thank you in advance for all your help. You made our Christmas!!! Lisa- North Conway, NH

Lisa- North Conway, NH